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Web Founder Says Access Should Be Basic Right

December - 2014
By W. Brice McVicar in Breaking News Technology

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Access to the Internet should be a human right, says the man who helped create it.

Tim Berners-Lee’s comments come on the heels of a report showing those who have the easiest access to the Internet are those in the world’s richest countries. The report, completed by World Wide Web Foundation, raises interesting questions over access to the Internet and how people across the globe can plug-in.

Regardless of where they live, though, Berners-Lee said people from all corners of the globe should have equal access to the Web.

“It’s time to recognize the Internet as a basic human right,” Berners-Lee was quoted by The Huffington Post. “That means guaranteeing affordable access for all, ensuring Internet packets are delivered without commercial or political discrimination, and protecting the privacy and freedom of Web users regardless of where they live.”

The report, the BBC reported, prompted the foundation to call on policy makers to knock down barriers preventing people from accessing the Internet. Among those measures called for, the foundation wants accelerated progress toward universal access by increasing the number of affordable Net services, using the Web to increase government transparency and preventing price discrimination in Internet traffic by treating the Internet like any other public utility.

Anne Jellema, chief executive with the World Wide Wed Foundation, said the disparities highlighted in the report need to be addressed to ensure a level playing field among all countries and residents.

“The richer and better educated people are, the more benefit they are gaining from the digital revolution,” Jellema said.

“Extreme disparities between rich and poor have been rightly identified as the defining challenge of our age, and we need to use technology to fight inequality, not increase it.”

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